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Bowl with noodles, tofu and avocado. Chopsticks to the side.Are you thinking of becoming vegan or vegetarian? Have you made the switch to a  vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? Or, are you vegan or vegetarian and feeling not quite right? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be interested in my vegan/vegetarian diet assessment.

I was raised vegetarian in the 1980’s and have been vegan for the past 15 years. In the 80’s people weren’t so aware of nutrients like omega 3 and vitamin B12, so we did not know this was something that you really needed to pay attention to.

Skip forward to today and there are new things we are learning everyday in relation to the health benefits of certain nutrients.

Have you heard of choline? Neither had I until not too long ago. Choline is a nutrient that is difficult to get the recommended daily dose when eating a plant based diet. Choline is required for many actions in the body, including mood and memory, breaking down fatty foods, liver detoxification and many more.

How do you know if you are getting enough choline in your diet and what about protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega 3? All these nutrients play major roles in our health and if lacking can result in unpleasant symptoms and disorders.

Hands pulling apart a vegan cheese sandwich

P.s. There's no real context to the above image, except to say that I do believe in everything in balance - AND I'm getting excited as there are finally some good vegan cheeses coming on to the market!

Another example: what do you know about Vitamin B12? Did you know there is no reasonable source of vitamin B12 in a vegan diet! B12 is extremely important, as it can result in lasting nerve damage if not consumed regularly. If you are not taking a B12 supplement or consuming foods that are fortified with B12 such as nutritional yeast or some nut milks, you could be at risk of permanent nerve damage.

I created the vegan diet assessment because I was hearing too often that people became vegan or vegetarian and then returned to eating meat because they lacked energy, had issues with their gut, their memory started fading or they just didn’t feel right. I believe if you eat everything you need, you can live a healthy and rewarding vegan or vegetarian life. 

The vegan diet assessment will assess all the major nutrients that are specific to a vegan/ vegetarian diet plus ones that I have found to be forgotten, yet essential, when making this lifestyle choice.

Two hands holding a big bunch of purple grapes 

So, how does it work?

When you purchase the Vegan Diet Assessment you will receive my 7 day food diary template to record your weekly food intake. The more detailed your diary, the more accurate your results will be.

Once you have completed the food diary, you will send it back to me and I will assess your 7 days of food and beverage intake. I consider your age, gender and any supplements you are taking, and then create a personalised diet assessment for you. 

This assessment, or report, concentrates on the nutrients that you are not getting enough of in your diet. The report will show:

  • How much of this nutrient you are getting compared to the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for your age group.
  • The reasons this nutrient is so important to your overall health.
  • The symptoms you may be experiencing due to a of low intake of this nutrient.
  • What the long term affects may be of not addressing these issues now.
  • You’ll receive a list of recommended, plant-based foods to introduce or increase in your diet, including highlighting how much of this nutrient can be found in 100g of this food.
  • I also include a bonus foodie tip at the end to keep you learning!

Two hands holding a vegan rice paper roll with green vegetables. 

- - - - - -

As a Naturopath, my mission is to encourage and support everyone to live a healthy vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. It can be done, and it is so rewarding when you have the tools to be your healthiest self!

If you are curious about whether your diet includes all the nutrients you need, I recommended buying the Vegan Diet Assessment. I would love to work with you. x Tara

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