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The Vegan Consult

  • $90.00

Let's get you set up & enthusiastic for your new vegan lifestyle!

There are so many facts, myths and wives tales when it comes to vegan nutrition and health. There’s also a lot of (unjustified) criticism:

“You’re not going to get enough protein.”

“You’ll end up sick and lethargic.”

“You can’t live on vegetables and fruits alone.”

I am a vegan naturopath, and I’m here to tell you that you can live a very health vegan life. I can teach you that there are plant based ingredients that will shower you with nutrients, that by pairing the right foods you'll maximise their benefits, and that by being open to naturopathic-quality supplements (i.e. not mass market, AND not containing animal derivatives), you can lead a super successful vegan life!

In our initial consult we will also discuss the nutrients that your body needs as you transition to a vegan diet, and how to reach and maintain great health away from animal products. These include protein, iron and Vitamin B12 amongst others.

For those that are already on their vegan journey, this is a great opportunity to check in and make sure that you are ticking all the right boxes, and discover what more you can be doing to live your healthiest life. 

    As with all my naturopathy consults, we will look at your current lifestyle, diet, health concerns, medications and goals. To understand a little more about my consults, you can take a look at The Initial Consult here. 

    If you are vegetarian, or wanting to become vegetarian, this is also the consult for you.

    Parents or guardians of young people looking to change to a vegan/vegetarian diet, let's work on a plan together. You can book a consult specifically for Vegan Health for your Child, here. 

    As a fellow vegan, I get super excited to share this knowledge! I look forward to hearing from you. - Tara

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    How does an online consult work? Here's everything you need to know.

    Note: I always recommend a follow up 2 weeks after our initial consult, and then 4 weeks after that. You can find out more information & book a Follow Up Consult here.