Common issues: Mental Health

Woman sitting alone in forest, wind sweeping through her hair.

Here are some of the common symptoms people experience within mental illness:

Are you...feeling stressed or anxious? Having trouble with sleep? Easily agitated? Constantly over-thinking things? Feeling flat? Feeling worthless? Avoiding people? Experiencing regular bouts of low energy? You are not alone. Do you know nearly half of all Australians experience mental health issues?

You can make the first step to improving your mental health by booking in a naturopathy consult with me. Together we can ascertain the main causes of your mental health issues and how your body is dealing with your current situation. How you are feeling may come from an overworked adrenal system, an underproduction of neurotransmitters, dietary deficiency or a hyperactive nervous system.

While mental health can be debilitating, through lifestyle changes, a healthy daily routine and naturopathic support I have helped many return to their happy healthy life.

Let’s have a chat, I would love to help you to start enjoying life again. You can book an Online Naturopathy Consult, here.