What is Naturopathy?

If you have never seen a Naturopath before, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Naturopathy has become a more popular form of health care over the last few decades as people are becoming more involved in their own health. 

Women in white shirt holding glass bottles with herbs in them

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is qualified practitioner who has undertaken a degree in Naturopathy at a recognised university and has had their degree recognised by a natural medicine association. They uses herbs, nutrients, diet and lifestyle advice to support you through illness and to help you understand how to be a conscious part of your own healing.

People come to see a Naturopath for similar reasons they see a doctor. Whether it be the common cold, an immune infection, anxiety, depression, insomnia, gut complaints, a skin rash, a yeast infection or something more sever such as high cholesterol, auto-immune disorders or reproductive issues, the right Naturopath should be able to help you.

How does a Naturopath differ from a mainstream-medicine doctor?

Naturopathy differs from mainstream medicine in its aim to treat the cause and not the symptoms. While many medical doctors may prescribe ant-acids for reflux, a naturopath will examine what is causing the reflux. They will look at ongoing stress that may be creating an underproduction of digestive enzymes, or a reaction to a certain food that is causing bloating, resulting in pressure pushing the stomach acid into the oesophagus.

A Naturopath will then address this cause e.g. stress, and support the production of digestive enzymes using herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements and dietary advice or identifying the foods that are causing your bloating and educate on alternative dietary sources.

Man in white shirt holding vegetables

The beauty of seeing a naturopath is that they will take the time to talk with you about all aspects of your health as well as lifestyle and diet. A naturopath does not look solely at your symptoms but they will look at the combination of contributing factors such as diet, lifestyle, genetics, mental health, stress, sleeping patterns, gut health, immunity, exercise and current medication amongst others.

How does a naturopathy consult work?

A naturopathy consult will start with an intake form, normally emailed to you and returned prior to your consult. During the consult the Naturopath will check in on any medications and supplements you are currently taking and then address your main concern. We will ask a range of questions to determine what we believe to be the cause of the symptoms and disorders you are experiencing.

A Naturopath will then examine your diet to see what foods are helping or hindering your health and educate you on foods you can add to your diet to help address the cause of your symptoms. This is why it is so valuable to us to complete your intake form with as much information as possible!

We will then have a conversation about other systems of your body that may be linked to the area of complaint, for e.g. your gut (gastrointestinal system) having an effect on your immune system. The consult will end with a discussion on what the Naturopath thinks to be the cause of your illness, together with a herbal and nutrient prescription as well as lifestyle and diet advice.

It is then always integral to your continuing health improvements to have a follow up consult, around 2 weeks after your first consult.

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If it sounds like naturopathy is what you are looking for, I would love to work with you. You can book in for your first consult here. I also have specialty consults focussing on the travelling nomad, as well as those transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian diet. - Tara