The Vegan / Vegetarian Diet Assessment - Walking Nature's Path

The Vegan / Vegetarian Diet Assessment

  • $75.00

A healthy, successful vegan or vegetarian diet is not only achievable, it is easy to do when you know how.

Through the Walking Nature’s Path Diet Assessment:

  • You will complete my thorough 7-day food diary template.
  • I will then provide you with a personalised report which will:
    • Show you how your diet and nutrient intake compares to the recommended daily intakes (RDI) based on your age and gender.
    • Highlight the nutrients lacking in your diet.
    • Provide information on why these nutrients are essential for your health and common issues associated with deficiencies in these areas.
    • Recommend foods and serving sizes to introduce to your diet to reach your RDI of these nutrients. 

- - - - -

When you made the switch to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, were you aware of the foods you needed to include to reach your recommended daily intake (RDI) of essential nutrients? We need to make sure you're kicking goals when it comes to omega 3's, vitamin B12, protein, iron, calcium and zinc. As a qualified vegan naturopath, these are the essential areas I focus on for a healthy diet.  

For example: Did you know that the RDI of protein is approximately 1g per kilogram of body weight? For the average adult that is the equivalent to 200g of tofu + 100g of oats + 100g of cooked chickpeas + 50g of almonds + 25g of chia seeds + 25g of tahini per day. That seems crazy, right! But it's true. Inadequate protein can result in tiredness, poor sleep, anxiety, hair loss, slow wound healing - basically, protein is required for the heathy development of every cell in your body. Are you getting enough?

When you purchase the Vegan / Vegetarian Diet Assessment, you will receive my 7-day food diary template to complete. Note: ideally I want to know how many grams of each ingredient you are including in every meal - kitchen scales will come in handy. 

Example: If you enjoy Carmen's muesli for breakfast - you will write "Carmen's Fruit and Nut Muesli" 100g. Soy milk 80ml. However, if you make your own muesli, please let me know the ingredients and their (at least, approximate) weight. 

The more detailed your diary, the more accurate my assessment will be.

Once you send back the completed food diary, I will review, calculate and create a personal diet report specifically for you. I will report on your current nutrient intake, highlight areas of improvement, as well as explanations for why these areas are important and which foods you should introduce or increase to meet the requirements for you.

Perfecting a vegan or vegetarian diet is a constant work in progress. This Diet Assessment will give you peace of mind and the building blocks to become the healthiest star that you can be - Tara.


- - - - -

Note: This diet assessment should not replace a one-on-one online naturopathy consult if you are experiencing particular health issues. If you would like to speak with me about your health concerns, I recommend you book an online Vegan Naturopathy Consult.