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The Vegan Health for your Child Consult

  • $90.00

Is your child speaking about wanting to become vegan?

Are you unsure on how to support them with a nourished diet?

Are you concerned they won’t get enough protein, iron, B12?

Do you think they are too young?

Do you just not have a clue on how to raise a vegan child?

I am here to help. Veganism is not just a trend in today’s society, but a real way for individuals to do great things for their health and the health of the planet. Whether your child is going vegan for animal rights, environmental issues or an amazing consciousness of their own body, let’s get them prepared with the best knowledge to keep them healthy and thriving!

Unfortunately a lot of people moving to a vegan diet will increase their intake of bad fats, poor carbohydrates, low GI products, and nutrient deficient ingredients. I would love to educate you and your child on how to make the transition to veganism the healthiest and most successful it can be!

The Vegan Health for your Child consult can be done with one or both parents or guardians, and your child if they want to be included. It would be beneficial for your child to be there if they are responsible for preparing some of their meals at home or are moving out on their own soon. 

You can read more about my Vegan Consults here and how we will work together on a plan for your childs' health. 

Congratulations on taking a great step in supporting your child on their personal journey! I look forward to speaking with you soon - Tara. 

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How does an online consult work? Here's everything you need to know.

Note: I always recommend a follow up 2 weeks after our initial consult, and then 4 weeks after that. You can find out more information & book a Follow Up Consult here.